Say NO to parsing emails with lead information

JSONLead is the automobile industry standard to embed lead information within emails or API payloads.


Why should I use JSONLead for the automobile?


JSONLead standardizes the way we exchange automobile lead information between lead providers and lead management tools.

It’s a JSON schema that embodies lead information such as a customer interested in purchasing a car, that can be easily inserted in an email or the payload of an REST API call.

JSONLead is compatible with a growing base of CRM software and lead providers in the automobile industry.

Without JSONLead

With JSONLead

I'm a Lead Provider

Keep your customers happy.

When using JSONLead, the leads becomes crash-proof and easily accessible.

Enrich your leads.

Give higher quality leads by injecting metadata that you wouldn’t add otherwise, all without changing the look of your email.

Freedom of design.

Feel free to change and play with your email template without breaking your customers leads.

I'm a Dealership or CRM

One parser for all leads.

With JSONLeads you forget about creating a different parser for each provider, with ONE is enough! 

No more crashes.

Avoid any fixing of the parser when the lead provider changes its email template!

Save time & resources.

By having only one parser with crash-proof leads!

Companies using JSONLead

Some companies using JSONLead


This is the code, it’s quite simple right?

All the information of the lead is here.

Do you want to make your own?

Validate it!

This is our decoder, submit your JSONLead and we will tell you if its valid.

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